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"In the East we have the guru, one who shows us how to turn darkness into light through his teaching and wisdom. In the West our teachers and mentors do the same. However, we all have the ability to be our own guru. Through reaching down inside ourselves and connecting with our inner guidance we can tap into our own unlimited potential for growth and healing. With the help of hypnosis I have been able to do this and much more. Since I started working with PJ Campbell of Mind Fitness Hypnosis, I have finally been able to get through and over many of the obstacles that have always held me back from moving to a higher level of growth, thought and functioning. What PJ’s work has done for me in such a short period of time is amazing. I gave her my intentions and she crafted hypnosis session tapes that are exactly what my mind needed to move forward and evolve. She has a true gift. It is like upgrading your own OS and enabling you to become the person that you dream to be. Thank you, PJ." Peter Fagiola Musician, Indian chef,

  • "I never knew I could feel so good!" D.F./ Long Island, NY
  • "My only regret is that I didn't consider hypnosis years ago, I could have saved myself a lot of pain." S.C. /SF, CA
  • "I've been struggling with weight all my life, hypnosis is the only thing that has made a difference." E.M./NYC
  • " I was skeptical, but desperate. I had tried everything else. Mind Fitness worked!" WM/NY

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Matt D.
Globalize Productions

"Mind Fitness Hypnosis helped me to 'focus' in order to accomplish more. Thank you!"

B. B.

Professional Photo Stylist, 30 years

"PJ showed me how to get relief from chronic pain that was a result of my career. I now enjoy my life, living virtually pain free. Amazing!"

C.B. Accomplished Artist

I am a sixty- seven year old artist and have had problems with self confidence all my life.  In just a few weeks of using Ms. Campbell's methods, I now walk into my studio with confidence and am  producing work at a rate I never thought possible.    Now, instead of working on one art project for months, I am working on three or more pieces at a time and finishing pieces in a matter of weeks instead of taking months or more.   I still do the programs she gave me for other areas of my life and am amazed how quickly my attitude and behavior change over night.   Thank you, Ms. Campbell for making my life so much easier and more peaceful.

Remote Access

If an in-person session is not feasible, we make it easy to conduct hypnosis sessions via Skype (Mind. Fitness) or phone 631-271-2621

I have been practicing Hypnosis and NLP since the late 1990's in my everyday life with outstanding results. I envision a better life, a happier life and a life fulfilled for everyone. The benefits of hypnosis are almost limitless and the effort is minimal, this is what has made hypnosis so popular. As an EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, I'm able to accelerate clients' progress in conjunction with hypnosis.

Now, is the right time to exercise and condition your mind to achieve your personal best. It's so me today; I've recently relocated to San Diego, CA.


Our Goal

Our goal is to improve your life through effectively partnering with your subconscious mind and teaching you how to do this on your own.

Our Vision

Your Subconscious Is Ready


The people of Long Island, N.Y. have spoken and named Mind Fitness Hypnosis the Best! This is the 11th annual Best Of contest only one winner per category. Competition was fierce, but Mind Fitness Hypnosis triumphed over the competition, again; winning for the second year in a row!

Need more proof that hypnosis works? Read why celebrities turned to hypnosis.

Tiger Woods one of the best golf players of all times, also received hypnotherapy treatments. Actually, he credits his strong mental health to the years of hypnosis he got since he was a child. Steve Collins, another sports star successfully used hypnotherapy.Mel Gibson underwent hypnosis. Ashton Kutcher is another fan of hypnosis. At the beginning of his career, he used it to help him visualize himself as a successful actor. Well, it seems that it worked. After that, he also used hypnosis to stop smoking, and he quit. Some other celebrities successful at overcoming smoking by using hypnosis are: Ben Affleck, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Samuel L. Jackson, Winona Ryder, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, Billy Joel and Mark Knopfler. Orlando Bloom is not the only one who used hypnosis to overcome a habit that had to do with overweight. Sarah Ferguson, Lily Allen, Geri Halliwell and the top model Sophie Dahl all used hypnosis as a part of their weight-loss program.

Life Changing Solutions

Life is not easy at times. Through Mind Fitness Hypnosis, you will learn solutions to common everyday challenges.

It only requires your commitment and participation.

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We have the ability to help employees in every position improve performance and there by change the workplace productivity and results.    

Athletes need to be able to 'see' themselves achieve their goals. Coaches, we will come to you to assist in creating an unstoppable team.